2 Dec

Who is not loving there first baby.  Me the one not liked my baby.  You may think why?


When i give birth of my baby, me too felt very proud about that baby and want to show to the world around that me a proud mother.  All have gone when I saw my baby. 


The baby can see but can’t recognise, baby can eat but can’t digest,, baby can hear but can’t express, while born the baby weight was 1.75 kgs and now the baby weight is 9 kgs. and the baby age is 9 years.


Doctors are giving hope that my baby will become normal when the baby comes to 15 years.  To be frank I lost my hope, patience and everything.


Let me pray to the god why the baby is suffering for no fault of any body.   My wish the baby should go to the god immediately.


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